Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It rained today

A good hard summer rain. Usually the summer showers are more brief but this went all evening, lasting through the night, stopping at breakfast time and then starting again this afternoon. The garden is watered and the air is rinsed out. It's nice because it is warm, not sticky warm, just soft and sweet air warm. We had tomato soup and bread with mozzarella cheese broiled on top and then we added tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil with vinegar drizzled over it. It feels so cozy I think I will bake chocolate chip cookies as a perfect ending to this rainy day!


~h~ said...

The color of the bench in the entryway before the cedar colored gate is just wonderful. especially with the pair of dry shoes waiting.
your words are working very well for you tonight, Rebekah.
I like the little stories paired with the photographs. It gives a nice explanation of what you were thinking about when you were taking the photographs.

georgia b. said...

gorgeous gorgeous flower shots. i'm a sun gal, and i usually prefer it over the rain. but your description of the day makes the rain seem like the sunniest of days--more perfect even. one of my favorite things to eat any day—sunny or rainy—is tomato/mozerella/basil. it's just about all i eat in the summer and even throughout the rest of the year.

and thanks to you, i am right now craving chocolate chip cookies. i have to go to bed with that. cruel cruel indeed. :)

Mademoiselle Julie said...

Love the new header, Rebeka! I should ponder on a new one as well... Cheers, Julie

Blondiensc said...

a rainy day sounds wonderful to me. I love the feeling of clean air, freshly watered plants and the ability to stay inside and hunker down cause there is no need to be in the rain...although I do love a good run in the rain, I feel like my soul is being cleansed...that sounds perfect today!

Barn House said...

Hey Sweetie...we did our own version of "My Morning Walk" in honor of you...;o)

ELK said...


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish it would rain here. :(

Love the new banner picture. Have a happy weekend.