Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heart shaped leaf

We went out today in the breaks between rain and as Oliver was flying down the sidewalk on his big wheel this little leaf on the sidewalk among so many other leaves caught my eye as it was a perfect heart shape. I picked it up and carried it around wishing I had a pocket I could put it in so I wouldn't loose it. Soon a huge shower came through and we had to hustle home if we didn't want to get completely soaked. It was still in my hand when we walked in the door.


~h~ said...

this reads like a poem. a very sweet afternoon poem. and the leaf is rather sweet, too.

georgia b. said...

one of my best friends took some photos of the moon behind a silhouette of cornstalks the other night. when he showed me one of the shots, there was a hole in one of the corn stalk leaves that was shaped like a heart, and the moon shone through it. it was so neat. i was envious that he captured such a magical shot.

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