Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our neighborhood swifts

We had a wonderful surprise last night! I wrote about the Chimney Swifts on little byrd vintage a couple of weeks ago...about the school they return to every year to roost. Last night I had just picked up the phone to call my mom, LD was out front with Oliver and he came running in the door and said the swifts are here! I was a little confused and had no idea what he was talking about but told my mom I'd call her back shortly. Outside, just a few houses away there were hundreds, probably thousands of little birds swirling in the sky, entering a chimney. We had heard a few years ago that there was a chimney here in the neighborhood that had yearly swifts but we had never seen them. I caught them as best as I could but nothing can compare with the site in real life. They fly around in a circle so fast it makes you dizzy and then occasionally one or two will dive into the chimney, as sunset nears more and more and quicker and quicker the birds enter the chimney, chirping all the while. Can you imagine what it must be like to live in that house? I think I would love it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A weekend walk

The summer weather continues on in our part of the world. Wardrobe wise I am ready to move on! A little tired of summer clothes but I do know that we have months piled on months of grey days, soggy land, and cool temperatures so it is best to enjoy the warmth while it is here. We walked Sunday to our favorite bakery for breakfast and I brought my camera along hoping to catch some hints of autumn. I found some! So many spiders that scare me but whose webs I marvel at and find beauty in, some pears on a dried mossy brick, birds flying in formation, crispy bits of leaves and flowers littering the ground. I found some new feathers to add to my growing collection. I swear, every time I go out for a walk there is a feather waiting to be found. And acorns. I picked them from a low hanging branch and brought a few home. My last fall find is a gorgeous velvet pumpkin, handmade locally. The stem is a real pumpkin stem sewn into beautiful jewel toned velvets. Sometimes when I see handmade stuff that is so well made I almost despair for my own skills and get a pit in my stomach. Has fall arrived at your doorstep?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We woke up to pouring down rain today. Fairly typical for an Oregon holiday weekend. I am not complaining though. It actually feels nice as the temperature is mild and everything is still green and not yet all brown and dead. We went out for breakfast, scones and lattes, then I headed out alone for Saturday morning junking. I found two Halloween costumes for Oliver! He is wearing one as I write this and I do believe he will not want to take it off until after Halloween. Found lots of other stuff too like a medicine cabinet from the 20's with an old and pretty beveled mirror in it and the sweetest glass shelves, a few dresses, some glass and silver, a cashmere scarf, new shoes...all my favorite things.
Most is for the shop, a few things are for me. The 1920's silk dress in the first picture is a true treasure that just arrived in the mail yesterday. I found it on etsy. The picture was blurry and the description stated it needed mending but it was in so much better condition than I thought it would be! And it fits perfectly. I will mend what I can, hopefully without damaging it since it is delicate and then I will wear it with tights and heel and a cashmere cardigan.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yes! and thank you

I certainly did my share of complaining yesterday :) And now here comes today and it is such a good day. Thank you darlings for your kind and funny words that just lifted me up and out of my "poor me" place. I decided to not shop today which is what I usually do on Tuesday and God knows I love my routines. But a break in routine was on order today so I sent myself down to the basement with a homemade iced mocha made from this mornings left over coffee, my music and my hats. And I made myself start sewing. For some reason I was having major anxiety about making the hats. So I was really surprised when as I started to finish each one I loved them! I've missed working like that down there. It was magic today: alone with my thoughts and plenty of good music, some singing, perhaps even a little dancing. Of course, I love dark and moody lighting so I had to take a few photos. Can you believe I have already started thinking about Christmas? Look at the 3rd or 4th photo down. I have. And a little sneak peek at a couple of the caps I finished up today. The last is made from a vintage Pringle cashmere sweater and it is gloriously soft.

The days playlist:
The Beatles, Carly Simon, Me First and The Gimme Gimme's, Van Morrison, Cat Stevens