Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

We packed so much holiday goodness into the four day weekend. Thursday it started raining at 4am and didn't stop once until late that night. We hoped for a walk in the morning but ended up watching James and the Giant Peach. Luckily Starbucks stays opens on holidays so we went out late morning and had a lattes and cinnamon rolls and people watched for awhile. Oliver wore his turkey hat that he had made at school which was a real conversation starter. Mid afternoon we ate and ate ate and had genuinely had a really nice time over at LD' sisters house. Friday morning we got up early and went downtown for the parade. The marching bands were by far our favorite. We did a little shopping, drank more coffee and then went home. I snuck out to see New Moon, which was completely awesome. Late that afternoon we went up to the zoo for Zoo Lights. When we got there it was dusk and the wolves were howling, very new moon I should add ;) We got right in line for the train and caught the first run out. We huddled under the blanket and saw all the holiday lights. Oliver loved every minute. Saturday I junk shopped with a friend and then the family went out for a hike on the trails Washington Park. Totally exhausted but happy.

Friday, November 20, 2009

It is so rainy here. The ground is like a soaked sponge that needs to be wrung out and every time I walk through the yard it feels as if I will sink into it. I am not sure why I don't take the "long way" around on the pavement :) So it has been raining for what feels like months but we've had some nice strong winds and that has been exciting. But also a little scary. One night I felt certain that with the ground so wet and the wind so strong a tree was bound to fall onto our house. I took these pictures at different times today while out....they really captured the day. I went on a major junk trip today and brought home bags of stuff that needs to be cleaned and readied for photos but for now I wanted to write and think about Thanksgiving coming next week. What are you doing? I am excited to have Oliver home for a few extra days. We may go to the parade downtown on Friday if the rain ever stops. I am going to see New Moon with my friend Stephanie, who introduced me to the books. I'd like to make some pumpkin bread pudding. Pull out the Christmas decorations. Watch Charlie Browns Thanksgiving. Yay for the holidays!

Friday, October 30, 2009

There's a lovely little island just a 20 minute drive from us. It is full of fields, farms, a beach, wild life...we went there to a pumpkin patch last week. Oliver went on a hayride with LD while i was instructed to go for a walk and take pictures. happy to oblige. We ate pie and Oliver thought he wanted corn on the cob, which I don't care for at all and wasn't surprised when he wouldn't eat it :) LD ate it. We still haven't carved our pumpkin and tomorrow is Halloween! Maybe tonight. Work has been busy! My hats are selling well, really well, at the shops. I need to deliver more and can't seem to get the hats finished because it is overwhelming me to pieces. I've had a recurring problem with blogging...somedays I want to do it and most days I think, who really cares?! Does anyone care what I wore or where I went or what I bought? It's funny though because I enjoy reading those same things on others blogs. And it seems I have only had the time for either posting or reading but not both. Ah's a day on the farm:

This is my favorite spot out there. I remember a year and half ago Oliver running up and down that little slope one evening in the summertime.
old trees
looking out from the old trees to the field

A little hidey hole the chickens were running in and out of. Much too short for an adult to walk through but perfect for the littlest people and animals

the chickens were so much fun to watch! There were so many of them!

All the berries have been picked and the vines dried up

I caught my scowl on camera! This is my concentrated I am thinking look which most who don't know me amd some who do take for an angry scowl.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

not much

to talk about...just a few pretty autumn pictures. Instead of the bright oranges and reds of the season I've been scouting out subtle and subdued dried leaves ands flowers like these hydrangea petals and the leaves. Loving the sunsets we've seen here the last few weeks. More often than not I don't have my camera along so it was good luck that it was along the other night for this one.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hello october!

it's one of those things...what happened to September? It is mostly a blur but I swear it was only 4 days. So it is October now. I made the first pot of soup of the season last night, a really wonderful creamy broccoli with sharp cheddar, warm rolls and a salad. It's boots and sweaters and today for the first time a rain coat and hat. There was lots of wind which is always nice and exciting. And baths! hot baths, more sleep. We are already talking about wanting a vacation somewhere warm. We thought Hawaii but it just doesn't fit in with things right now. These pictures I took on Saturday at the restaurant where we went out to dinner with LD's parents. A bottle of ketchup exploded all over my shirt and LD's mom thought it was quite possibly the funniest thing in this world. Me, I didn't laugh. I wish I could laugh at myself more though. I hope to decorate the house with Halloween decorations for Oliver this weekend.

Friday, October 2, 2009

honest scrap and beautiful skies

Last week we had several days of skies that looked so different from the Pacific NW skies I am used to. Usually it is a solid wall of grey, blue or blue with some clouds. Finally last Friday morning I had my camera with me and got these puffy white clouds shown above. I love the dark shadows within each one and how they strecth for miles and miles. The other two pictures were taken close by our house later that same day. I'm much more of a sunrise person but with these crazy skies we got a really beautiful sunset that night. There is a ridge that overlooks the river and the rail yards just down the street from our house. I took walk down there to take some pictures and I saw that couple huddled under the patchwork quilt. I liked that quite a bit! On the way home I saw the swifts were still visiting the chimney so I sat awhile and watched them. I read on a blog profile last week the words "nature makes me cry"...I liked that alot. Lastly, the always wonderful Heather tagged my with Honest Scrap. Thanks Heather :) I am to share 10 honest things about myself. So:

1. (ducking my head under my hands right now to prepare for the disdain of everyone) I am not a dog person. At all.
2. I have terrible, really terrible, long term memory. I don't rememeber most of my childhood, just a few bits here and there. My brothers and sister will say "remember when...." and I wonder if I was even there.
3. I spend a lot of time living in my head which I think is the reason for my terrible memory. I am simply not paying attention.
4. I am a really good baker.
5. This week I told Larry my next job might be working for airline so we can get free tickets
6. I have a quick fiery temper
7. I can't hold a grudge, even though I want to sometimes.
8. I like to drive fast and get super impatient with slow pokes
9. I like teen type tv like gossip girl and 90210...I've considered that perhaps I am emotionally stunted.
10. Yesterday I wondered if I was meant to be a parent. Sometimes, alot of times, I feel like I am in way over my head.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our neighborhood swifts

We had a wonderful surprise last night! I wrote about the Chimney Swifts on little byrd vintage a couple of weeks ago...about the school they return to every year to roost. Last night I had just picked up the phone to call my mom, LD was out front with Oliver and he came running in the door and said the swifts are here! I was a little confused and had no idea what he was talking about but told my mom I'd call her back shortly. Outside, just a few houses away there were hundreds, probably thousands of little birds swirling in the sky, entering a chimney. We had heard a few years ago that there was a chimney here in the neighborhood that had yearly swifts but we had never seen them. I caught them as best as I could but nothing can compare with the site in real life. They fly around in a circle so fast it makes you dizzy and then occasionally one or two will dive into the chimney, as sunset nears more and more and quicker and quicker the birds enter the chimney, chirping all the while. Can you imagine what it must be like to live in that house? I think I would love it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A weekend walk

The summer weather continues on in our part of the world. Wardrobe wise I am ready to move on! A little tired of summer clothes but I do know that we have months piled on months of grey days, soggy land, and cool temperatures so it is best to enjoy the warmth while it is here. We walked Sunday to our favorite bakery for breakfast and I brought my camera along hoping to catch some hints of autumn. I found some! So many spiders that scare me but whose webs I marvel at and find beauty in, some pears on a dried mossy brick, birds flying in formation, crispy bits of leaves and flowers littering the ground. I found some new feathers to add to my growing collection. I swear, every time I go out for a walk there is a feather waiting to be found. And acorns. I picked them from a low hanging branch and brought a few home. My last fall find is a gorgeous velvet pumpkin, handmade locally. The stem is a real pumpkin stem sewn into beautiful jewel toned velvets. Sometimes when I see handmade stuff that is so well made I almost despair for my own skills and get a pit in my stomach. Has fall arrived at your doorstep?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We woke up to pouring down rain today. Fairly typical for an Oregon holiday weekend. I am not complaining though. It actually feels nice as the temperature is mild and everything is still green and not yet all brown and dead. We went out for breakfast, scones and lattes, then I headed out alone for Saturday morning junking. I found two Halloween costumes for Oliver! He is wearing one as I write this and I do believe he will not want to take it off until after Halloween. Found lots of other stuff too like a medicine cabinet from the 20's with an old and pretty beveled mirror in it and the sweetest glass shelves, a few dresses, some glass and silver, a cashmere scarf, new shoes...all my favorite things.
Most is for the shop, a few things are for me. The 1920's silk dress in the first picture is a true treasure that just arrived in the mail yesterday. I found it on etsy. The picture was blurry and the description stated it needed mending but it was in so much better condition than I thought it would be! And it fits perfectly. I will mend what I can, hopefully without damaging it since it is delicate and then I will wear it with tights and heel and a cashmere cardigan.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yes! and thank you

I certainly did my share of complaining yesterday :) And now here comes today and it is such a good day. Thank you darlings for your kind and funny words that just lifted me up and out of my "poor me" place. I decided to not shop today which is what I usually do on Tuesday and God knows I love my routines. But a break in routine was on order today so I sent myself down to the basement with a homemade iced mocha made from this mornings left over coffee, my music and my hats. And I made myself start sewing. For some reason I was having major anxiety about making the hats. So I was really surprised when as I started to finish each one I loved them! I've missed working like that down there. It was magic today: alone with my thoughts and plenty of good music, some singing, perhaps even a little dancing. Of course, I love dark and moody lighting so I had to take a few photos. Can you believe I have already started thinking about Christmas? Look at the 3rd or 4th photo down. I have. And a little sneak peek at a couple of the caps I finished up today. The last is made from a vintage Pringle cashmere sweater and it is gloriously soft.

The days playlist:
The Beatles, Carly Simon, Me First and The Gimme Gimme's, Van Morrison, Cat Stevens