Saturday, June 20, 2009

My first edited photo


georgia b. said...

why, it's lovely. did you use photoshop?

i love those little flower bogs {is that what they are called?} i have a couple. and i love them. this one sits atop my computer monitor and holds little cards:

i think they are very photographable {is that a word?}, although you can not really tell that this is one in my shot.

oh the things you can do with photo editing! it's so much fun.

~h~ said...

I remember when I had to buy rolls and rolls of black and white film in college and it wasn't cheap. That, and infared film. Now it's so much easier. Very pretty shot. I wonder how many feathers you've collected insofar... :)

Blondiensc said...

Love it! and I also love that flower frog!! Oh yes I do!