Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grey Black and Yellow


georgia b. said...

yikes!!! i LOVE this photo!

um . . . could be in real simple magazine or something. superb, rebekah! really!

and can i just say how much i want that luggage and that vintage bench???

georgia b. said...

i'm already saving this as a bookmark for if i ever to a travel post. this here photo is what i'll use. :)

thanks for answering me back about that, by the way.

~h~ said...

Very nice. I'm a sucker for that style of foot stool-your yellow is just a wee bit nicer than my white one though. ;) I also noticed that very cute yellow carry-on bag in your store today. :)

Infrequent Flyers said...

Sooo retrooo!! Love the colors and the orderliness of it all.

sweetly lovely afternoon said...

this is a great photo! clean and simple. the colors are so sophisticated. and that bench...fantastic!:)