Friday, October 30, 2009

There's a lovely little island just a 20 minute drive from us. It is full of fields, farms, a beach, wild life...we went there to a pumpkin patch last week. Oliver went on a hayride with LD while i was instructed to go for a walk and take pictures. happy to oblige. We ate pie and Oliver thought he wanted corn on the cob, which I don't care for at all and wasn't surprised when he wouldn't eat it :) LD ate it. We still haven't carved our pumpkin and tomorrow is Halloween! Maybe tonight. Work has been busy! My hats are selling well, really well, at the shops. I need to deliver more and can't seem to get the hats finished because it is overwhelming me to pieces. I've had a recurring problem with blogging...somedays I want to do it and most days I think, who really cares?! Does anyone care what I wore or where I went or what I bought? It's funny though because I enjoy reading those same things on others blogs. And it seems I have only had the time for either posting or reading but not both. Ah's a day on the farm:

This is my favorite spot out there. I remember a year and half ago Oliver running up and down that little slope one evening in the summertime.
old trees
looking out from the old trees to the field

A little hidey hole the chickens were running in and out of. Much too short for an adult to walk through but perfect for the littlest people and animals

the chickens were so much fun to watch! There were so many of them!

All the berries have been picked and the vines dried up

I caught my scowl on camera! This is my concentrated I am thinking look which most who don't know me amd some who do take for an angry scowl.


Char said...

it's funny how lives can be so different yet so connected here in the blogger world. exotic and mysterious, even with something as simple as chickens.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

I am interested in what you wore and what you bought because it inspires me. I know what you mean though, sometimes I wonder the same thing, "does anyone care" about this stuff? It turns out for whatever reason there usually is at least one person out there who does. Your photos are beautiful (as usual!)

Bluebird said...

yes! i DO like to read what you write! but i do know how you feel, though. is that Sauvie Island? i got a chance to there when i was in Portland a few years ago. it was fall then, and i even went to a pumpkin patch there- i'll bet it was the same one! i love your self portrait- you are so lovely and autumnal!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Minus the chickens and Oliver I think we went on the same walk!! Love your scarf! Hope you all have a Happy Halloween.

Blondiensc said...

I care about you!! and what you write and how you are...and I love looking at your photos and and and, I have a similar scowl, in which I have been left with wrinkles!! :) happy weekend sweet Rebekah!

♥ miss.michelle said...

...I'll agree with the others here! I CARE about the things you say! you as well, inspire me.

I "Read/Lurk" LOTS of blogs and enjoy it, but truthfully there are only a select handful that I feel a connection with and comment ;)

Probably explains why not too many comment on my own blog, I know it's a give to get thing :)

Have a Great Weekend Rebekah!


Mademoiselle Julie said...

Ahh, we all have those days every now & then, yes?! I try to remind myself that I mostly blog for myself. My blog supposed to capture my journey to opening a shop perhaps, first sale, accomplishment of any sort - anything goes. We are all out here, Rebekah!

labonnefemme1 said...

Oh, I have missed you! But glad to see that you still stop by and see me, it's awfully nice! I have checked every day for a new post from you sometimes twice, but then I think about you in the basement sewing away and I sigh, knowing you are somewhere happy doing something you love even if I don't get to see it! thing at a time and soon that stress will lighten up. No matter what..this time tomorrow will come and there is nothing you can do about it! Best wishes!

♥ miss.michelle said...

...btw, please give me a tutorial on how you tie your scarves.... they always look so cool!

Congratulations on being so busy with your handmade goods. I bet it could be kinda stressful when your just a one man band


Florence said...

Keep your posting up, I love reading them and seeing your pictures. Have a great weekend. Hugs Florence Oh I am excited about your hats. wow!

~h~ said...

My husband tells me my face looks like a little devil's face most of the time. The crinkle between the eyes look of concentration looks mean, apparently. ;)
Love the little "hidey hole." And the fact that someone else out in blogland also feels the same way about blogging. It's hard to do both: read/comment AND post. And I don't even make hats. :) Glad to read that they are selling well though.
Happy Halloween. Hope all's well.

Denise Fasanello said...

lovely photos. I feel as if I was there. And yes, I care! xo

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Beautiful. And for all it's worth - I care. Hope your Halloween was awesome, dear.