Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Morning Drive


~h~ said...

Oh, I always want to capture a shot like your #2 photgraph of the birds in flight! I'm always tooooo slow. Love it. So pretty & the misty grapevines: nice. Out of town drives are the best.

sweetly lovely afternoon said...

Those photographs inspire me to poetry. Beautiful!

georgia b. said...

oh, how funny. you know, when i first went to this blog, i thought maybe you were the same person as the little byrd blogger. but then i saw that this blog was not listed with that one on the profile page, so i figured it was two different bloggers.

i'm so glad to have discovered your photo blog and that you have a talent and passion for photograpy, too.

i also have a separate blog for my photos called "it's just how i see things". actually—two other blogs, too. but those are collaborations with other people and i only put photos on them, not writing.

i just added your photo blog to the blog roll on my photo blog. i hope that is okay. :)

i look forward to visiting often.

Anonymous said...

so poetic!!! love your photos.

Barn House said...

I know where these pictures were taken!!! (no, I am not stalking you)