Sunday, August 16, 2009

Being 4

Oliver had me cracking up most of the day yesterday and reaching for my camera more than once. First he and his BFF Lily built a pillow mountain. They spent at least a half hour searching the house for every last pillow and building this thing. Then they scaled it to the top only to experience an avalanche that landed them on the floor, buried in pillows and screaming for help. It made me remember so much being a kid and getting an idea and being so excited to do it! Later in the day I walked to the top of the stairs to find O dressed in nothing but underwear, a T-shirt, a fireman's helmet and my green vans. lol! He loves wearing my shoes. He asked if he could jump on my bed and then he just jumped with abandon. The black fur heap beside him on the bed is our cat Lili. She just layed there the whole time, totally unbothered by all this jumping. It was so great.


georgia b. said...

oh, my! these are precious!

my twin sister and i were always building tents and forts with blankets and pillows and furniture in out house when we grew up. this is bringing back the fondest of memories.

apriliniowa said...

These are wonderful! My brother and I did that as a kid and now my son and his friends build pillow forts as well. Only with Nerf guns blasting. ;)