Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grandpa's house


apriliniowa said...

These made me smile and remind me so much of my own grandfather. He still runs an apple orchard and has barns and sheds filled to the brim with rusting tools and forgotten farm equipment. I sometimes wish I could bottle the smell of the sheds-it's so unbelievably comforting. Looks like a day well spent. :)

That Girl Designs said...

What a wonderful place. So much fun to be had and exploring to do. Reminds us perhaps of simpler times.

georgia b. said...

this seems like such a peaceful place. i never knew either of my grandfathers, because they both passed before i was born. your grandpa's home looks like it is filled with such good times and memories.

happy father's day.

the wild raspberry said...

love the rustic photos...especially the mailboxes and the haystacks.
they seem so laid-back and peaceful.